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konnichiwa mina-san!!!
watashi wa ruffa-desu.....

AMVs english AMVs english
Sakura ♥ Syaoran - Bleeding Love
Sakura & Syaoran (CCS & Tsubasa Chronicle)- Broken [Merry Christmas Everyone]
Time After Time - Sakura & Syaoran
My Immortal - Sakura & Syaoran
I'll remember you - Sakura & Syaoran
Sakura x Syaoran AMV- Everytime We Touch
At the Beginning - Sakura & Syaoran
Beautiful Love-Sakura and Syaoran
Shape Of My Heart - Sakura & Syaoran
Sakura and Syaoran- Start of something new
All Syaoran Wanted - Sakura & Syaoran
Anywhere But Here - Sakura & Syaoran
Sakura x Syaoran- When You Say Nothing At All
S + S When You Say Nothing At All
When You're Gone - Sakura & Syaoran
Everytime [[Sakura & Syaoran]]
Dreaming of You - Sakura & Syaoran
"Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart" a Sakura & Syaoran Vid
What if - Sakura & Syaoran
Sakura & Syaoran- Love Will Find A Way
Everyday Sakura and Syaoran
Because You Live - Sakura & Syaoran
Sakura and Syaoran-Im in heaven (when you kiss me)
Sakura and Syaoran
Sakura & Syaoran - Ever Ever After
Butterfly - Sakura and Syaoran
Love Show - Sakura & Syaoran
What's left of me - Sakura and Syaoran
Learning to Breathe [Sakura & Syaoran][Card Captor Sakura AMV]
Listen to your Heart - Sakura and Syaoran
Under my Umbrella - Sakura and Syaoran
Sakura and Syaoran Forever
Sakura and Syaoran- Crush on you
Everything You Want-Sakura and Syaoran
Sakura and Syaoran- kissing you
Cross My Heart - Sakura and Syaoran AMV
Only One - Sakura & Syaoran
All I Wanna Do - Sakura & Syaoran
When love and hate collide ... Skylark ( Full Metal Panic )
Vic and Barbie - Somewhere Down The Road
if ever you're in my arms again
"If ever you're in my arms again" - KH1 and KH2 AMV
AMVs Japanese AMVs Japanese
Tsubasa Sakura & Syaoran
Sakura and Syaoran - You Are My Love
Tsubasa Sakura and Syaoran 'Yui Makino: Amurita'
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