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Video Playlist for canevrosen

Origami Kangaroo (Jo Nakashima)
How To Fold An Origami Dragon
Origami Spiky Balloon! - Rob's World
Origami Money Cat v2 (Jo Nakashima)
Origami Kylo Ren - Video Instructions - Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens
Origami Fleur: Gerbera - Flower Origami: Gerbera [Senbazuru]
Christmas Origami: How to fold a Simple Santa Claus
Origami Neko (cat) (Jo Nakashima) - remake
How to make a cool paper plane origami: instruction| F16
origami flower sakura
Origami Kusudama Flower
Origami Crane (Folding Instructions)
Origami - Vase (HD) [Senbazuru]
How to make an Origami Rabbit
Origami: Crane [tutorial]
Wearable Origami Vampire Teeth Tutorial by Jeremy Shafer
How To Make A Transforming 8-Pointed Ninja Star!. (Origami)
Origami Flapping Bat
Origami Elf (Riki Saito)
Globo aerostático origami modular | hecho de papel | Air balloon
Top 10 Origami
Dragon sencillo de papel / origami Facil
DIY Origami Notizbuch SCHNELL und EINFACH falten, mini modular book easy tutorial, Оригами книжка
Origami Diamond Star (Francesco Guarnieri)
Как Сделать Ангела Из Бумаги. Рождественский Ангел Своими Руками. Origami Angel
Combinación del tejido y del origami modular.
Easy origami rose instructions ♥ How to make an origami ROSE
Learning Activities
Step 1- Opening Power Point
Step 2- Adding slides
Power Point- saving
Step 3- changing design
Step 4- inserting objects into Power Point
Step 5- Adding animations to features
Step 6- Adding transitions
Closing one tab in IE
Landforms Part 1
Landforms Part 2
Landforms- Make Me a Genius
Sid the Seed
Seed parts and dispersal
Plant Part Jobs
Brush Tool
Plant Parts- jobs
Opening New Tabs
Using the Line tool
Using the shapes tool
New Tool
Eraser Tool
Text Tool
Magic Tool
Save Tool
Open Tool
Quit Tool
Kaleidescope Animation
Make A Number Book
Make an Alphabet Book
Snipping Tool
Opening Microsoft Word
adding clipart
Changing the font
Cool Computer Kids- hard to teach spreadsheets
Identifying Cells- part 1
The Compass Slide
What's the Time?
A Childs' Introduction to Telling Time - Part 1
Telling Time for Kindergarteners
Learn to tell time (Part I)
Respect Video
Do Your Best
Michael's book report
Cell addresses and FILL
Addition Formulas
Logging on
Spreadsheet Formulas
Creating a favorite
Userid and password
More Multiplication practice
Addition formulas practice
Excel- division formulas practive
Creating charts in spreadsheet program
McFerran- Happy
Mrs and Mr Mouse
Setting the default printer
Maria Begin and Mike Ehringer. Tribute to Irene
Good Computer Kids - Home Row Keys II
The Good Computer Podcast: The Home Row Keys
Saving a document
Microsoft Word- Formatting text
Paragraph formatting
Erosion and Weathering for Kids -Causes and Differences
Weathering and Erosion Basics
Weathering and Erosion from Scholastic Study Jams
Senses Song
Letter J Song
Letter R Song
Have Fun Teaching - What Do The Letters Say? (What Does The Fox Say? Parody)
Letter O Song
Letter C Song
Letter T Song
Letter L Song
Letter A Song
Letter P Song
Letter M Song
Letter V Song
Letter H Song
Letter K Song
Letter D Song
Letter S Song
Letter W Song
Letter E Song
Letter G Song
Letter N Song
Letter Q Song
Letter X Song
Letter U Song
Letter Y Song
Letter B Song
Letter I Song
Letter Z Song
Letter S
Letter F
Letter Q
Noun Song - Have Fun Teaching
Authors Purpose Song
Story Elements Song
Water Cycle Song
Counting By Ten
Counting By Twos Song
Counting By Fives Song
Counting By Tens Song
Adjective Song
Counting Down From Twenty Song
Moon Song
Skip Counting By 6 Song - Beginner
Skip Counting By 11 Song - Beginner
Hey Bully Song
Matter Song
Parts of the Body Song
Skip Counting By 3 Song - Beginner
Seasons Song
Butterfly Song
Volume Song
Rounding Rap
Word Processing- editing
Tux Paint Stamp Tool
Student Email
Downloading from internet
excel- charts 2
Excel- practicing with formulas (adding)
Student Portal
Bath - Pets Home Alone (The Electric Company)
Open and Save from Internet
Wizards Challenge- DO
OneDrive- Accessing Files
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