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Video Playlist for jmcginn1

Requested Videos
Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat
Dr Seuss' The Sneetches Full Version YouTube
Top 10 Books by Dr. Seuss
Dr Suess - Green Eggs And Ham
Dr. Suess - Fox in Socks
Dr. Seuss - Putting Rhymes to Good Use
Dr. Seuss Horton Hears A Who Full Movie
Top 5 Fascinating Dr. Seuss Facts
Scratch Tutorials
Simple Scratch Animation
Lesson 1 - Scratch Basics
Scratch Tutorial 1
Scratch - Ping Pong Game
Intro to Scratch
My Scratch Games
Internet Safety
Internet Safety for Kids K-3
Faux Paw's Dangerous Download
Faux Paw's Adventures in the Internet
Faux Paw Meets the First Lady
Faux Paw Goes to the Games
Banking system For Dummies
Learn English:Banking, Checking, And Savings
Hart's Bakery : A Morning In The Life
Making Doctor Visits Fun for Kids on 'The Doctors'
Internet Explorer
Opening New Tabs
Creating a favorite
Parts of a Computer
Good Computer Kids - Parts of a Computer II
The Good Computer Podcast: The Home Row Keys
Typing Tutorial: Home Row Keys
Preschool- Feelings
Classic Sesame Street- Kermit talks about feelings
Power Point
Step 1- Opening Power Point
Step 2- Adding slides
Power Point- saving
Step 3- changing design
Step 4- inserting objects into Power Point
Step 5- Adding animations to features
Step 6- Adding transitions
Social Studies
Landforms Part 1
Landforms Part 2
Landforms- Make Me a Genius
Management Purposes
Learning Activities
Closing one tab in IE
Logging on
Userid and password
Mrs and Mr Mouse
Setting the default printer
Sid the Seed
Seed parts and dispersal
Plant Part Jobs
Plant Parts- jobs
Brush Tool
Using the Line tool
Using the shapes tool
Using the stamp tool
New Tool
Eraser Tool
Text Tool
Magic Tool
Save Tool
Open Tool
Quit Tool
Kaleidescope Animation
Make A Number Book
Make an Alphabet Book
Snipping Tool
Opening Microsoft Word
adding clipart
Changing the font
Telling Time
What's the Time?
A Childs' Introduction to Telling Time - Part 1
Telling Time for Kindergarteners
Learn to tell time (Part I)
Cool Computer Kids- hard to teach spreadsheets
Identifying Cells- part 1
Cell addresses and FILL
Addition Formulas
Spreadsheet Formulas
More Multiplication practice
Addition formulas practice
Excel- division formulas practive
Creating charts in spreadsheet program
Second Grade
The Compass Slide
Storytelling Alice Tutorials
Storytelling Alice Introduction
Storytelling Alice
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